Hassan Jameel For Cars | Toyota - Lexus

Sales Supervisor

Sales Supervisor

Training, supervising and supervising the team. The sales report is presented on a daily basis and the target is achieved.

Job functions:

  • Develop a plan of action for marketing agents and the distribution of tasks by geographic region.
  • Presenting the marketing plan weekly and presenting it to the department manager.
  • Provide staff with a training course on marketing skills and explain all information related to vehicle types through Zoom program.
  • Oversee the marketing representative on a daily basis.
  • Preparing the reports on a daily basis, summarizing and explaining the work of the marketing representative and submitting them to the direct manager.
  • Conduct visits to competitors and take an idea of their offers and report to the department manager.
  • Solve customer problems and submit their proposals to the department manager.
  • Creating a spirit of competition between the two teams and constant motivation.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction after purchase and services provided.
  • Achieving the monthly and annual sales targets.

Other Responsibilities:

Any other tasks entrusted to you by your departments or executive management related to the field of work.

Occupancy Requirements:

Qualifications: Bachelor of any specialization

EXPERIENCES: Preferably experience of at least one year.

the abilities and the skills :

  • Know the modern selling methods
  • The ability to convince the client
  • Courteous talk.
  • Ability to solve problems.
  • time management.
  • team management.