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1- Preparation of accounting restrictions for customer accounts (cash – order – maintenance).

2 – Review and proof of sales invoices (cars – maintenance – spare parts).

3. Verify the amounts of the employees ‘liabilities and review the balance of accounts with the statement of H.R and the employees’ approval of the balance on a monthly basis.

4 – Proof of depositor and disposed of banks.

5- Preparing the check and transfer vouchers according to the instructions of the administration and keeping the company’s check books.

6 – Implementation of letters of amendment on the prices of banks for sales at the institution on the ERB system.

7 – Proving the monthly expenditure restrictions based on approved disbursements including salaries.

8. Prove that the expenses and revenues due or provided for the institution according to the accounting period of its own.

9 – Periodic inventory of the company’s car inventory and the actual match on the notebook monthly.

10- Preparing the monthly commission statement for the company’s sales representatives (cars).

11. Preparing and auditing the sub-balances of the accounts in charge.

12- To carry out the orders for the long-term sale, to prepare the invoices and to complete the documents of the financing customers in accordance with the requirements and conditions of each customer, including the fulfillment of the signatures to receive the customs cards or the cars after the extraction of the plates, noting the following upon receipt of the customs cards or delivery of the secretariat’s future transactions to attach the cards or delivery The card for the accountant in the case of the cars sold in the future is a customs card and the difference must be made in the order to extract the plates. Note that with regard to the customer’s signature on the form of the order (the form and the plates) or the customs card, Li this Alnmuj when attending to receive the car:

A – Sales plates and have the option as follows: –

ISSUE PLAT In this case, there is an option to have plates on this box and there are two possibilities ISSUE BY CUSTOMER or ISSUE BY US. This appears in the order to extract the plates, form or card. Customs duties.

B – Sales of a customs card and the option is as follows:

ISSUE PLAT (option of the existence of panels). In this case, the option of the absence of plates not to be marked on this box, that the car delivered to the customers specific customs card and does not extract the paintings such as (some branches United and National Bank) and appears in the order of the paintings and The form or the customs card is a customs card or a GTB, and here is the possibility of ISSUE BY CUSTOMER or ISSUE BY US (extracted by us)

13 – Preparing the claims for the financing customers and completing their documents according to the nature of each client / weekly (Al Rajhi – Ahli) monthly (Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Company).

14 – Follow-up payment of the rest of the banks and clients of the term.

15- Preparing the accounting restrictions for suppliers accounts (cars – spare parts – services).

16. Review the invoice input entries for spare parts on the AS / 400 system from printed reports.

17 – Review and proof of purchase invoices from suppliers (cars – services).

18. Include the conditions on the car structures in the company’s stock as specified by the head of accounts.

19. Preparation of monthly bank reconciliation notes.

20 – Preparation of maintenance claims forward from the maintenance bills and the monthly Abdul Latif Jameel.

21. Prepare and check the sub-balances of the accounts in charge.

22. Review the accounting restrictions prepared by financial accountants.

23- Payment of government payments for the institution after approval by the president or vice president, as well as paintings fees (after receipt of letters from al-sistem in the case of choosing the issuing of paintings in the sale orders, noting that (French and Arab banks neglect their messages and do not pay from our side ) .

24 – follow-up account at Al Rajhi Bank periodically and its accounting record.

25 – Proof of the additions of assets and the preparation of depreciation with the rest of the assets of the institution.

26 – Implementation of letters of amendment on the general pricing and the United Nations sales pricing on the ERB system.

27 – The implementation of letters of discounts on the structures received from the senior management of the company on the ERB system.
28- Execution of letters of discount campaigns received from the senior management of the company on the ERB system.
29. Preparation of monthly incentive claims for Abdul Latif Jameel.
30- Reservation of cars in Alastok according to the instructions of the administration or bank transfer, etc.
31 – Review and preparation of maintenance commissions and spare parts monthly.