Hassan Jameel For Cars | Toyota - Lexus

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Manage the entire department by planning the work of the department and organizing it and distributing the tasks to the supervisors of the department and follow up the sales.

Job functions:

  •  Provide supervisors a training course on marketing skills and explain all information related to the types of cars through the Zoom program.
  • Meeting daily with supervisors, knowing the need of staff to provide information and provide the required support and reviewing all visits on a daily basis, and follow up work progress and ensure the implementation of plans submitted by female employees.
  • Meet monthly with marketing delegates and learn about the difficulties they face and solve them.
  • Provide a daily report to the Department on the progress of work in the section.
  • Increase productivity and prepare future plans to increase sales and marketing.
  • Achieving the required goals per month.
  • Provide a report to the Director of Personnel on the low performance and if the objectives are not achieved, the necessary actions are taken as is customary in the organization.
  • Creating the spirit of competition between the two teams and the constant stimulation and broadcast the positive spirit of all.
  • Provide all required papers and documents for human resources in the case of their request, and interviews are conducted for recruitment.

Other Responsibilities:

Any other tasks entrusted to you by your departments or executive management related to the field of work.

Occupancy Requirements:

Qualifications: Bachelor of any specialization.

EXPERIENCES: Preferably experience of at least one year

the abilities and the skills :

  • Know the modern selling methods
  • The ability to convince the client.
  • Courteous talk.
  • Ability to solve problems.
  • time management.
  • team management.