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What is LEXUS??

What is LEXUS??

レ ク サ ス Lexus (Japanese: Raxaso) are a sign of luxury cars Japanese origin and is one of sections Toiyotaaliapanah.vi company beginning production was Lexus vehicles are usually produced in Japan focused its factories in the Chubu and Kyushu regions. Although the car a Japanese-made origin, but it has been assembled for the first time in Canada, and specifically in the province of Ontario and this was in 2003, and knew this model Canadian assembly as the RX 330, prior to the move to restructure and extensive the company’s process (between 2001- 2005), is worth noting that Lexus is responsible for the design, engineering, Tsnaaantegha of autotractor.

17-1Lexus is a leading company and they have produced the first car as the LS460 and because they are produced and has become one of the best luxury car in the world

Since 1999, Lexus is keen to reputation access to a remarkable level of attention through production efficiency and provide superior customer service standards, and as a direct result, the survey conducted J.d Power Corporation of America proved that Lexus is a brand which has gained the confidence of the bulk of customers Americans did (Lexus won the largest percentage in this referendum fourteen

Based on the opinions and problems of car owners in the first three years of purchase, customers report appeared to remind Lexus name among the top five most efficient in its annual report for signs of the cars logo.