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Modified Toyota Hilux An innovation inspires you to try it

Modified Toyota Hilux An innovation inspires you to try it

Modified Toyota Hilux An innovation inspires you to try it 


What is the benefit of a mobile home? If all of these cars end up on the asphalt road?

this is the question that Stefan Forster asked himself before deciding to modified the HILUX to a mobile home called “Expedition v1” and nickname is “Úlfur” its mean Wolf in the Icelandic  and this is a four-wheel drive car with a mobile home capable of overtaking and off-road

Over the past year, Geocar, Hunter offroad and Arctic Trucks Iceland have made the HILUX from an ordinary car into an extraordinary motor home. The modified Toyota HILUX is powered by a 225 horsepower and 3.0-liter diesel engine. The cabin is luxurious and has all the amenities it wants. In addition, Expedition also hosts a host of off-road features that are equipped even for the most extreme conditions

We are talking about TJM cable, high-end cable, Hella lights, front and back differential locks, protection from the bottom of the car and radio control in different places in the car. Stefan was asked whether the car for sale said of course not but will motivate you To save to build one similar to your own


The Toyota Hilux 2017 has been released and some things have changed:

  • The all-new Hilux has a modern appearance that is modern and resolutely resolute.
  • The car has become wider and longer than before, becoming a leader in its class.
  • The front end of the new Hilux is remarkably stylish and elegantly styled with smaller headlights that harmonize with the three-beam front fascia to be the face you know in the blink of an eye.
  • The low-trapezoidal front grille gives the Hilux a powerful appearance and develops the engine’s cooling mechanism.
  • J-shaped hooks are now larger and easier to use, and anchor points within the area have taken a lower level for greater safety.
  • The rear door supports are now supported by metal plates for greater strength and reassurance when loading through the rear door.