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What is the secret success of “Toyota” universally overwhelming?

What is the secret success of “Toyota” universally overwhelming?

No one can deny the popularity of Toyota and popularity wide, where revenue increased by $ 3.5 billion in Japan only thanks to higher sales by 9% in the first half of this year .. The question here is , what caused the overwhelming success of this Japanese company?

One of the most characteristic of the Toyota production system is a great quality, which began makers emulate other cars, because it represents a great deal with the administrative staff and production processes and take advantage of stocks idle .. but there are other things is characterized Toyota production process.

Respect for people
Toyota methodology followed everywhere, the most important features is to respect their employees and support psychologically, financially and ensure ethnically and racially diverse.

Toyota is known for its private Bnoadea and concerts and trips held by consistently with its employees and workers of factories for recreation for them and to instill the idea of loyalty and diligence in them, and listen to them constantly and make them feel their importance in the creative and production process.

Toyota and deliberately design their offices without interior walls separating the staff to encourage constant communication, including humanitarian and practical, and strive to train new employees for all the work it takes before you begin
Toyota is well aware that to reach the state of full proficiency, not enough just to improve the mechanisms of production, but it also notice their employees that they are part of a comprehensive project, they are an integral part of the company, without them would collapse immediately.