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Story of toyota avalon

Story of toyota avalon

Toyota Avalon:

Avalon was manufactured in 1994 at the same factories of Toyota Camry, and it was launched as Toyota Avalon 1995.

What distinguishes Avalon from other Toyota sedan cars is:

its’ large size comparing ton other Toyota Sedans, Avalon front seat can contain 6 passengers.
Avalon gear designed to be horizontal and it is located behind the steering wheel, this designing approach help to increase the front seat capacity.
Avalon was launched to be a substitute of Toyota Cressida and Toyota Crown which was mainly used by the royal and high-class customers.

Toyota launch 5 main generations of Avalon:

The first generation was published in 1995 the second generation was published in 1999in US but it was published in 2000 in Australia. The last generation is the 2018ths’ generation.

Avalon sales:

First generation sales was 6603 which considered as a low sales number, later Toyota keep improving Avalon to reach the highest sales number in 2000 which is about 104.078.

In 2009 Avalon sales falls to reach 26953 which can be related to the Toyota Aurion launching.