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Camatte driving School ! amazing idea for children

Camatte driving School ! amazing idea for children

Toyota to determine a mini school at the International Toy Show 2017 in Tokyo


May 26, 2017, Tokyo, Japan – Toyota Motor Corporation can exhibit a booth at the International Toy Show 2017 in Tokyo, wherever oldsters and youngsters are able to have hands-on experience in driving the Camatte conception car. The event will be controlled at Tokyo huge Sight.


Concept Image of the Camatte School at the Toyota Booth


Out of a desire to convey the enjoyment and dreams of cars to new future generation and to encourage oldsters and youngsters to become widely familiar with cars, Toyota has been exhibiting a series of “Camatte” conception vehicles at the Tokyo Toy Show once a year since 2012.


Toyota At this year’s show will establish the Camatte school. Here, youngsters will have the chance to experience the method of getting a driving license: they’re going to learn the way to operate the steering wheel, accelerator and brake of a car, and will be ready to drive a car around a course set up within the booth2. This year is going to be the first time that Toyota will be establishing a booth wherever youngsters can actually experience driving a car.


The car which will be driven around the Camatte school course is the “Camatte Petta,”3 the newest addition to the Camatte line-up. Magnets in varied shapes and colors can be attached to the outer panels of the Camatte Petta, enabling kids to decorate the vehicle in step with their individual preferences.


A separate program has been established for younger kids. they’ll learn the way to operate a car in a driving machine, then, after sitting in the “Camatte 57s” (first exhibited in 2013), they’ll be issued a tentative driving license that Toyota has created.


Description of the active experience and procedure


The Camatte School ― a driving school for youngsters

  • Children will learn the way to operate the steering wheel, accelerator, and brake in a driving machine
  • Children will be able to select from 5 style patterns to decorate the outer panels of the car
  • Children will be able to embellish the Camatte Petta in their own unique vogue by sticking each of the things in their chosen pattern onto the car
  • Children will then be able to drive the car they have decorated around the driving course which will be set up in the booth
  • After driving, youngsters will receive a driving license issued by Toyota which is complete with their photograph


Overview of the Camatte Petta


Camatte Petta

                                                                          Camatte Petta



                                     The Camatte Petta decorated with different magnets


Main Specifications


Length Width Height Wheelbase Seating Capacity Powertrain
3,075 mm 1,235 mm 1,315 mm 1,800 mm 3 Electric Motor