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Free maintenance campaign

Free maintenance campaign

Free maintenance campaign 

Jameel Maintenance Program –  2021

With reference to the above topic, we announce the Jameel Maintenance Program campaign (1,000 km – 5,000 km – 10,000 km – 15,000 km “diesel”) according to the following conditions:

Campaign terms:
1-  This program applies only to new Toyota cars imported through the authorized distributor of Toyota in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Abdul Latif Jameel) sold.
From July 1, 2021 to December 31 2021.

2- This program does not apply to corporate customers or to cars sold to companies. .

3-  the maintenance program. 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 km (in addition to 15,000 km of diesel Vehicles maintenance) is included in your vehicle
Purchased without additional financial charges on you, and maintenance is according to the owner’s manual, within the maintenance centers listed.

4- Any other business that will be required to be paid by the customer.

5- Clients are not entitled to claim hand wages, spare parts costs, oil and fluid control. Or replace it with any other services provided by the company.

6- The customer cannot claim any free maintenance that is too late for the mileage meter reading. 2,500 km.

7- This program is not transferable from one vehicle to another vehicle. .

8- This program applies to the car even if the owner changes it. .

9- The closest free maintenance will be performed to read the car meter if the customer misses any free maintenance. .

10- You must generally comply with the recommendations contained in the warranty manual in order to maintain the vehicle warranty.

11- This document does not entail any responsibility, obligation, rights or claims on the company other than what is stated in it and is not explained or interpreted against the intention and intention of the company.

12- The company has the right to change or cancel Jameel free maintenance program at any time without prior notice.