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What do you know about Lexus UX 2019?

What do you know about Lexus UX 2019?


Ux is a new SUV car Launched by Lexus. It combines the luxury, modern design along with the high-performance sports features. It is available in a range of colors which can fit different tastes. UX is available in 2 versions:

1- the version that operates with petrol 

2-  The hybrid version.

Lexus UX can be described as a strong unique and dynamic car.

What makes it different?

What differentiates this car model from other models launched by Lexus is The strong Safety system. This vehicle will ensure your safety while driving through these systems:

  1. Collision avoidance system:

With collision avoidance system or what is called emergency braking system, the car will avoid the collision without you doing any efforts, your car will stop automatically if the sensors capture that there is any chunk very close to you.

  1. Lane Tracing Assist system:

Do you find difficulties staying at the course assigned to you all the way up? This is not a problem of UX drivers. The car will take the charge if you are in highway or in a heavy traffic area. Lane tracing assist will define the way markers and control the wheels to ensure that the car stays between the markers. What about if the markers are hidden under another car? This is not an issue the system still can define the markers.

  1. Road sign Assist system:

Are you a busy driver? You’re passing road signs without catching its content, no worries with Lexus UX road sign assist system. This system can read and notify driver with the road signs and road instruction for the purpose of safety.


Available in 2 driving systems which are:

  • Two wheels driving system (2WD)

2WD system allowing only 2 wheels to be powered directly by the engine. This type of driving system helps to reduce fuel usage and also enhance car stability on slippery roads.

  • All wheels driving system (AWD)

In this type of driving system, all wheels are powered by the engine. It is allowing the car to stay stable in rough irregular roads. In such a muddy road if two wheels are infix, power will move in a higher mode to the other wheels to help the car to move.


Classes Available from Lexus UX:

Lexus UX is available in three classes which are:

  • Elegant AA
  • Excellence BB
  • F – Sport FF

There are small differences among these 3 types shown below:


classElegant AAExcellence BBF – Sport FF


Differences17-inch tires18-inch tires18-inch tires
Display audio screen without navigationDisplay audio screen with navigationDisplay audio screen with navigation
Front seats with a heating system only.Front seats with heating and cooling system.Front seats with heating and cooling system.
Sound system with 6 speakersSound system with 8 speakersMark Levinson sound system

Opening power back door automatically without using your handOpening power back door automatically without using your hand

Starting the engine remotely.Starting the engine remotely.

Blind spot monitorBlind spot monitor